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Jason Castro

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hurricanick's picture

One of my favorite albums! Not one dull song! Perfection!

kirstengabrielle25's picture

i love ya jason! please follow me on twitter @KirstenGbrielle

jojoboo's picture

this heart of mine

jojoboo's picture

i was never into guys with dreads.....but now im head over heels for you babe!!!!:D soooo dammn sexy!!!!!!!

mariabelen22's picture

this heart of mine ?

Jodie's picture

:) I forbid you to stop making music.

ElizabethForeverCastro's picture

Always Amzing.

Jenn's picture

I love this album! one of the most relaxing things i've ever heard! :) Hurry up and make the 'Who I am' album available to purchase in the UK :D seriously, well done x

Kaitlyn Brave's picture

I love all of these songs me and my friends made choreography to a few of these its some of our fastest and bestwork we mixed all kinds of dance into them. Thanks for supplying the music so we can have fun!!!

J.E.M.'s picture

im in love with "It matters to me" Prolly gunna play it all night lol