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Me at the lodge


Me at the lodge

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kindly rotate your photos before posting, kinda hard to view those pics sideways... =D

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rotate your pics..haha

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Yes, date nights are needed. What size bracelets do you where?

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Wow Jason your dreads are getting long! haha they look awesome though! (:
Yah needa start making date nights again on
youtube! We all wanna see what's been going on!
much love Jason!
Take care!

Withtheband64's picture

hahaha that's exactly how my arm looks! I refuse to take my bracelets off, though =)

sierrach's picture

Ha, ha Sherry, I was thinking those bracelets could use a good cleaning by now.

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WOW, your arm is sooo white and looks NAKED! So do the Bracelets get a bath while they are off your arm? :)

Jasons Mom_2's picture

I hope you put some sunblock on the naked arm :) You have had bracelets on that arm since at least 4th grade!!! So weird but, nice arm :)

Cassie_was_here's picture

your wrist must feel naked without all those braceles! ha. :p