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Who I Am


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Tue, 2010-11-09
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Michanchrisburn's picture

Our family saw both shows at Ichthus this weekend...especially loved the second! Hope you'll come back next year:)

Katie419's picture

I just stayed up all night listening to Jason's music! Whoot whoot, Jason I stayed up all night for the first time ever; because I couldn't stop listening to your music! If that doesn't show a fans love, I don't know what does! haha

Miki's picture

Jason Castro is amazing!! I voted for him while he was on American Idol!!! His story on is awesome!!!!

Kat's picture

It is great to have an artist once again sing from the heart, and emit emotion, rather than theatrics and fabricated hype. Been a long time since we've seen an artist that's real. Most these days depend on the glamour, theatrics and studio-enhancement. Keep it up Jason! The last artist I felt this way about was Steve Perry! The heart-felt emotion in your singing will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

eternalsul316's picture

i luv the song YOU ARE! its my favorite. so beautiful.

ttrreeeesshh's picture

and WAIT FOR A MIRACLE is absolutely uplifting :) God made you well Jason :) amazing creation.

ttrreeeesshh's picture

YOU ARE is definitely glorifying your King, my King, our King :)

maquino's picture

i love "you are"! such a sweet song and applies to all areas of our lives! great cd!

missdebby's picture

Absolutely love the new CD. I hear you about three times a day now on KLove. I vote for you in the music room everytime they invite me. Hear you are going on the KLOVE cruise next February. What a blessing you will be to everyone on board!

Vance C's picture

I am getting married on June 4th and my Fiance and I are wanting to use your song "You Are" in our ceremony, but i am having a difficult time finding just the instrumental version of the song. Is there any way you could help me? If so, please email me at

Thanks, :)

P.S. what a great cd! can't wait to see you in concert in Eden Prairie, MN!