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Jason Castro


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Member name: 
Jason Castro
United States
Rowlett, TX
Current Town: 
Dallas, TX
Favorite Artists: 
Coldplay, Augustana, Ray Lamontagne, yellowcard, jack's mannequinn, Bob Marley, Bob Schneider, Carlos Vives, Incubus, Dashboard Confessional, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Jeff Buckley, Jimmy Eat World, John Mayer, Pat Green, Third Eye Blind, Tom Petty, Tim McGraw,
Favorite Songs: 
Can I stay - Ray LaMontagne; Farther Along - Josh Garrells; Refugee - Tom Petty; If I Die Young - The Band Perry; Who Are We Fooling - Brooke Frasier;
Favorite Movies: 
The Gladiator, Troy, The Dark Night, the matrix...500 days of summer... stuff of that sort... stories of intense love and the fight for freedom!
Favorite Books: 
The Alchemist, Same Kind of Different as Me, Mere Christianity, Hunger Games
Favorite Thing to do on a Rainy Day: 
sleep and movies.
Fun Fact About Yourself: 
ummm.. let me ask around... haha


CassandraQ's picture

Dear Jason, Thank you for staying true to yourself and your values and not going commercial. I have your first CD but hope someday you release a collection of faith-based classics, because no one could sing "Amazing Grace" and the like with more heart-felt sincerity. You are a precious gift to a world starving for peace and love. Thank you for being exactly who you are...

ElizabethForeverCastro's picture

I Just saw you at girls of grace in Allen texas. Best Day EVER.(: You Were really Amazing And I Cried When You Came Onto the Stage

Leah Rene' Wallace's picture

Hey Jason! I just realized that we have the same middle name and spelled the same. lol. I just saw you at Winter Jam in Cincinnati, OH. You were amazing!!!!!!!

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LiVVV's picture

Happy Birthday!!!

godschild200's picture

Happy Early Birthday!!!!!
And Thanks For EveryThing U Did A Lot More Then U Think!! Im Only 15 Witch Makes It A Lot More

CAROLINA's picture

que lindo eres no sabes las ganas q tengo de verte frente a frente.

Dawn Schmitt's picture

Jason went to winterjam tonight , wanted to see you in person so bad,walked in and you were singing . last sentence of last song.have both your cds & bought a tee shirt tonight, wanted you to sign it waited at merch table ladys kept telling me you would be there. couldnt wait longer. my daughter inlaw blames herself, it wasnt, it was bad timing.. i want to say knew you were great since idol, voted for you, God bless you always!

perrygirl013's picture mother-in-law took me to winter jam tonite - she only went to see you and i made her late! we spent most of the night at your merch table hoping to see you and missed half the concert! had to leave @ 10:40 to get home to my son and she never did get to see you - i'm the WORST daughter ever! please come back to PA soon!

ElizabethForeverCastro's picture

Hey jason!(:
I'm Probably Your Biggest fan. Haha(: maybe. But Your My Everything.

Ele's picture

Hi jason I'm your Italian fan... Come to Italy even if It's so far away from there.... I'd like to see you in concert.... Kisses from Italy! =)

ttrreeeesshh's picture

jason :)) i miss date night! :))))))) continue to be a blessing! God bless your heart ?

eternalsul316's picture

hey Jason i was sooo glad to have met you at Winter Jam. I had no clue that you were gonna be there but when they announced you on stage I totally lost my mind! LOL It was great though.

Julia's picture

Does anyone know where to send fanmail or email to Jason? I'd really love to share a story wih him of how his music changed my life. Thanks I'd love to write him soon.

Ana's picture

When are you coming back to Florida???

jamfletch's picture

"Your cup overflows" It's true, I've never seen you in person, never met you, but the light you carry shines so bright and it's hard not to notice. I'm fairly new in my journey with Christ and I crave that relationship. Thank you for "being there" in a time of need - truely believe you were snuck into my life by God :) huge fan! :)

Marieke's picture

Glad you're here! You're a beautiful person. I see the light of your soul when I look into your eyes.
I read somewhere that you love it to inspire people with what you do. Well you do that! You inspire me and certainly more people. Your lyrics are beautiful! They give me strength.
Stay following your heart! Stay with yourself, how hard it sometimes can be in this world. Let love be your intention. Anything not based on love, will lose its strength over time. Stay following your dreams!

Love and light,

birdithak's picture

green peace

j.airplane69's picture

coming down to nc?

Marietta's picture

So I dont know if the right people even read this, but I am getting married in Fort Wayne, IN June 11 of this year and would love if Jason could sing Somewhere over the rainbow during the procession. I am sure that it wont happen because even if considered I would be paying big bucks for him to do it and I dont have that kind of money as Nursing student in college and a mother of 3 small children.

joannet's picture

Walked past you in Philly tonight. We really wanted to let you know how much we enjoy you, yet wanted to give you your space :)

Luna_2's picture

Jas, I love you!!

LoverGal's picture

Jason needs to be on facebook more....I see here what he tweets.....Gonna see him Friday in West Chester PA.....Woooohoooo.....Street Team PA YAY

Michelle Derwinski's picture

hey jason xoxoxo

sysco36's picture

do you think you could ever talk to me please follow me on twitter @sysco36 i could just stare into your eyes and cry

Texaggie85's picture

Hi Jason,
Can't wait to get the new album - you are one of our family's favorite 'idols'! Please tell me you are going back to TAMU someday... I'm a grad and my daughter is a freshman architecture major there - I'd love you two to meet!:)

LittleBlueBird's picture

Have you ever stumbled upon something that changed your life? I was browsing youtube today and your video popped up in my suggested videos. I dont really watch TV, and had no idea you were on American Idol. I heard your song you are and I was very puzzled by the meaning. Ive never felt so drawn to speak to someone in my life. Right after I heard that song I knew I had to reach out to you. I dont know why, it was this overwhelming feeling. So I started watching more of your songs, and next thing I knew I accidentally clicked on your I am Second video. Next thing I knew I was watching all the I am Second videos. I am so lost. I have no one to talk to, I want to accept God, and I just cant. Even as I sit here crying because of my fustration, I cant accept it. I know my life is missing god, I just want him to step into my life, and I feel life you introduced me to that. I know it may sound corny but you honestly have my thinking. I want to accept it, but its so hard. How can I accept someone who is supposed to be all powerful but has let so many bad things happen to me? Oh gosh, now I am reaching out to someone I dont even know. Talking about my deep and personal feelings with someone I didnt even know existed 24 hours ago and has got me thinking about my whole existance on this earth. Anyways, sorry for taking up your time, just. Thanks.

liz.guajardo's picture

ohh.. i forgot.. do u know when blink-182 will be together again? i heard the'll be making music together again but i dont know when!

liz.guajardo's picture

i heard u speak spanish, can u say something on a video??... and i readed is so hard 2 u to say "aries".. try to say "sagitario" thats mine!...

gretings from Mexico... xoxo..

Liz Guajardo :)

PS i just knew about u, and u have an amaizing eyes and hair i have a crush with ur hair LOL!

Mina...'s picture

I´m actually no fan but today I was trying to find the original version from shomewhere over the rainbow on youtube because I got this song in my head for 2 days and to get it out of my head I had to hear the song. So I heard it and because I didn´t had enough of the song after hearing it once I decide to hear it again but in a nother version the next proposal wich looked good was your version so I heard this. And because I liked your version I heard some other songs from you too.
I have to say I don´t like TV and TV shows and all this stuff but I have to say for me you are looking like a dreamer and I like this very much. And this is just the point why I was joining your side, because I want to tell you this so if I´m right keep on doing what ever you want to do and live your dream.
I think this isn´t easy when you are such as famous as you are so I hope you´ll never forget who you are and you´ll never loos the ground and you´ll ever stay true. The main important thing in life is to be happy with what you are.
All the best Mina

J-N-Ash3's picture

Hey Jason, just became a new fan on your website I never knew exsisted---til now. But I've been a fan from the first time I heard you sing. Can't wait to hear so much more from you! Oh- and I just found out you'll be at Mohegan so I'll see you there!

xanon's picture

...germany is calling..."forget what we told before we get to old!"...I chasing car me now... best song ever...jason, you should sing this song too...jason respect and thanks to your parents to "create" this (your) beautiful voice...take care and stay tune on this regards from germany frankfurt (23:08 pm)...

ilyjasonbrii's picture

no way!!!!! i love blink!!!ong i never knew that!!!!! lovvveee them!! wow lol...not to get overly excited but wow!!!

Anna Galeano's picture

hey jason! how are you doin`?

LoverGal's picture

Lunch, dog pukes, bird eats it and your burger is that sounds like a great lunch...your quote on twitter....

Vivien's picture are a very great singer....i hope you understand my words, because im from berlin and my english is very bad. :-(

BreathlessByJ.c's picture

hey, i know your probably not going to respond considering the other 100 comments but id just like to say i find you a huge inspiration, when i listened to the thing on you tube, ( i am second) i dont know why but i really payed attention to it and i find it very humbling. i find it hard not to listen to your lyrics and some how learn from them, i seem to always find a connection with them and something in my life. but just wanna say, keep it real, dont get sucked in by the fame, stay true to yourself and your fans cause you never know who is being inspired by the songs you sing and how it can help someone get thru the day.

Estefanie Varas's picture

Sus cansiones son lindas ! Me encanta la letra de la cansion :D

butterfly29's picture

hola jason
mi nombre es leidy y soy colombiana
hace muy poco tiempo supe de ti buscando una cancion en you to be y me encontre contigo el chico de la voz y la sonrisa mas linda wooooo no lo podia creer escuche todas tus canciones y me encantaron, te conectas mucho con las letras de las canciones, trasmites muchas emociones y sentimientos con tus gestos, con tu voz, y con tu sonrisa complementas todo.
lei tu biografia y me entere que tus son originarios de colombia y me senti muy feliz porque en tus venas corre sangre latina colombia y eso me encanta me lleno de mucho orgullo.
me encantaria saber mas ti, si algun dia has visitado colombia, si cantas en español, si te gusta bailar salsa jijijiij yo vivo en cali - colombia
esta es una ciudad muy alegre, el clima es calido y se caracteriza porque gente le gusta mucho la musica salsa, el merengue, vallenato etc no se si te gustan,
espero que leas este mensajito.

dootie11's picture

My 2 1/2 year old son just absolutely LOVES you!! (And me too of course!!) You were on Idol when he was just a couple months old and when you would sing he would look at the TV and smile. Now when we watch your music video he waves and says "Hi Jason! I love you!"

Estefanie Varas's picture

Hi Jason :D You were AWSOME in Norway, to bad that I didn´t make it to vg lista, but I saw you on tv =) Keep up with the gooooood work :D you rock!

CeCiirawwwr's picture

hey! i never heard about u but wOw u got such a gOod voice and i love ur hair! LOL i would like 2 know more about u because ur last name it's very commun here in Mexico sO.. it's weird because u r frOm texas dOn't u ? well prObably u'll never gOnna read this but definitly i WILL buy ur cd as sOon as I find it LOL ok thnks :) and bye! xOxO

Penningtonfan's picture

omg, yesterday was the first time I discovered u, and I'm already addicted to u! U're soooo awesome! Your voice is gorgeous and amazing! :)

Thank you for coming to Norway! Your performance was GREAT! :D

btw, I absolutely LOVE your dreads!

Sani's picture

Hey Jason how's it going? =) If you're going to go to Norway Finland is not far away... *wink wink*

Estefanie Varas's picture

Jason ? Are you coming to Norway ? :O :D
Can you please answer me, so I know if you are coming :D And if you are coming, where in Norway :)??

kim42's picture

Thanks for taking some pictures with my daughter and I when we stopped you on the road in Dewey DE. Wish we had been able to get to the show that night. Love the CD.

Joleane's picture

By the way, Jason--your wife is gorgeous! Congrats!

Joleane's picture

My boyfriend and I saw Jason at Jammin' Java last night and we loved him! He is an awesome singer and person!

Estefanie Varas's picture

Hi Jason =) I just wanted to tell jo that I love your voice =) You remind me of the kelly family and mr.big, and that's a good thing =) You have special voice ;D Hope you come to Norway sometime ( haugesund, and stay at the rica maritim hotel, that's where I work xP) Haha ;P Well, just wanted to tell you that =)

Debbie '82's picture

OMG!! I didn't know you are a Fightin' Texas Aggie!!! How exciting for Aggies everywhere!!! Any chance you'll be scheduling a concert in Aggieland???