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Daddy's girl


Daddy's girl

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1dlover12's picture

She is so precious Jason!!

Joleane's picture

So beautiful! I always tell my son he is my gift from God. What a gift for Jason and Mandy!

Arline's picture

So precious.

lemonrose's picture

Enjoy whatever goes by with grow up pretty fast

Ms Mary's picture

Perhaps the 3 of you in the next set?

totoca815's picture

How beautiful!! I remember those moments with my girls. I remember people telling me how I would hate the 3am feedings. But the house was quiet, and there we were, just the two of us...I loved the time. I will never get that time back, and realizing that made me appreciate it more as it happened. Enjoy her.

beautifulsunshine's picture

Awe such a precious moment. You can see the love.

Sani's picture

Not only does Jason create music, he also creates little sugar plum fairies!

Sani's picture

I'm a little late but don't think that I didn't think about you having the baby soon =) WELCOME Madeline Emilia

eternalsul316's picture

omg she's GORGEOUS jason!