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Front row... This is awesome!!!!


Front row... This is awesome!!!!

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Hey Jason, not sure if you read these posts or not but I wanted to tell you that just last week I came across your video from American Idol singing Somewhere over the Rainbow and you won me over. I was looking for different arrangements of the song to present to my music ministry leader at church so that maybe we could play the song. I play flute for my praise and worship team at church. Anyway I went to your website and saw you were performing in Plano. So I packed up and went to see you. Little did I know that Celebrate Freedom would be the best time of my life. You are the reason I went and you are the reason I got something out of it. You and your music have become a safe place for me to turn to when things are not so well at home. Your an inspiration to me and I love your genuine attitude towards life. So thank you for being apart of my wonderful weekend. You did awesome. And also not sure if you remember but my mom was the one that was trying to give you a kiss on the cheek during autograph signing. Ha she also fell in love with you. Keep up the good work I heart you very much!!!

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Such a great show!! Your set..inspirational. So glad your precious wife was there for you as always. So excited for the future for you.

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Very proud of you last night. As alway's thank you for being so kind to my girls last night. My father really enjoyed meeting you to. Safe travels to Florida, see you in a couple weeks.

Love, support and prayers for you alway's UNCONDITIONALLY

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I've always wanted to see Switchfoot in concert but just couldn't make CF this year. I love the way you are so enthusiastic and appreciative of your fellow artists, Jason. I know the feelings are mutual.

So sorry I missed seeing you last night, but I have my tickets for Chico in September. See you then, if not before... :)

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YOU are AWESOME and YOU ARE is AWESOME! I hope you continue to write so well and sing in MISSOURI, someday!

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Jason I am glad you got to stay to watch the rest of the concert. I had to leave about an hour after your set. my legs were tired from standing and the heat was getting to me. But you had an awesome set. Love the IMTM and the U2 reprise...that was my favorite besides You Are when the audience around me were singing along with you. You young man is getting really popular now.