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At the Grossman Burn Foundation "The Art Of Humanity"


At the Grossman Burn Foundation "The Art Of H...


Molliebr76's picture

Wow!! How beautiful are these two? These are two of the most beautiful people I know,inside and outside.

gailinroch's picture

Jason and Mandy both have beautiful eyes. In this pic you can really see Mandy's golden eyes that Jason sings about in 'It Matters to Me"

prans's picture

Whenever I see a pic of u together, I feel very inspired! You two are so beautiful together! keep smiling! :D

Joleane's picture

Jason, you and Mandy seem so in love! That is such a wonderful state to be in. My fiance and I think we saw her at Jammin' Java. Next time why don't you introduce her?


Debbie_8's picture

Jason's wife has natural beauty, she doesn't even look like she is wearing any makeup at all. How lucky is she.