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My grandaughter's first red carpet! Looking awesome <3


My grandaughter's first red carpet! Looking...


caren's picture

sooo sweet!!! Congratulations!

Anuaya's picture

you guys sparkle and shine -- celebrating in love YOUR TIME! ;-) Namaste angels.

missdebby's picture

So happy for y'all. Watching your son become a young man has been an incredible journey.

I know how happy and proud you must be Betsy. Thanks for sharing this sweet picture!

Piia's picture

Blessings to You, to Mandy and to Little Treasure she is carrying!

DaY DrEaMeR's picture

Yes, your grandbaby DOES look awesome ;-), already she's walking the red carpet. The mother-to-be and the father-to-be are looking very awesome too!

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Betsy, the same judges are coming back next year and yes Paula is going to be judging the X Factor with Simon, that should be interesting.

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I agree with beckyvee, I love this adorable pic. and I love these two adorable young people. Thank you again Betsy for sharing this precious moment with all of us..

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I just have to keep coming back to this picture... It's so sweet... :)

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Soo. Everyone is on the way to California for Disney!! Happy for a wonderful family outing! Have fun!

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What a sweet pic - they're glowing! So happy for Jason, Mandy & your family, Betsy - thanks for sharing this with us all! :)