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“That’s What I’m Here For” on Ellen


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    “That’s What I’m Here For” on Ellen
    Posted by JasonCastro WebCrew   |   April 22, 2010

    Watch Jason perform “That’s What I’m Here For” on the Ellen show!

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on Thu, 2010-04-22 17:28

Watch Jason perform “That’s What I’m Here For” on the Ellen show!


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Careful Jason, when you sound that good on a live TV show, folks are going to naturally suspect you're lip syncing rather than performing. It was really that good!
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It is time you got back on the AI stage and let the rest of the world see and hear what we already know..What a beautiful voice!!
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Amazing ! that is all you can say about this sweet young man! Jason you are just getting better and better. The CD is so worth the wait,You can tell that you put your heart and soul in this one,You are such a beautiful gift to all of us and what a wonderful journey you have taken us on,I can not imagine a day without your beautiful voice,You have given us such love and it is your time to soar and soar you will sweet one...God has blessed us greatly with you and your beautiful music..Thank you dear one for coming into our lives and making us better for it..
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Taped the show, came home from work and watched it right away - it was so nice seeing Jason on TV again - great performance. I was just a little disappointed that Ellen didn't talk to Jason - I think he should have gotten more "air" time. Oh well!