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Jason Castro Debut Album - More Info


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on Wed, 2010-03-10 16:07

Hello all.  Below is a breakdown of what music you will get with each version of the album from different stores. 


Digital Bundle Pre-Order ($9.99): 10 song digital album

Standard Bundle Pre-Order ($29.99): 14 song album + music video

Limited Edition Bundle Pre-Order ($79.99): 14 song album + music video

Deluxe Bundle Pre-Order: 14 song album + music video

ITUNES - 2 versions
10 song album
14 song album + music video

AMAZON - 4 versions
10 song digital album
14 song digital album + music video
8 song CD album
14 song CD + Fan Club membership

8 song CD


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I am soooooo hoping that "It's Alright" and "Shine Your Light" wind up on one of these CD's coming out. Those are two of my favorites and they represent Jason so well and they are just so really inspiring. Meanwhile I am so excited for Jason and April 13!
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how do we know which one's which [like on amazon] and is there gonna be a physical hard copy with 14 tracks?
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The pre-order on Amazon right now is $8.99. I'm sure that's the 8 song version but maybe there is a more expensive option that I didn't see since someone said they paid $15 or more on there for their pre-order.
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I preordered on Amazon and I have no idea which version they will send me. I hope we can make a choice on Amazon before they ship. Thanks, Dan!
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aww very nice job dan on the breakdown. so i'm happy the standard bundle has them all. $30 is reasonable. about $2.00 a song plus video,photos and such. so ya i'm counting the days till it's in my hands and in my stereo!!! thanks all!!
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I'll be getting a cd from a local store AND the digital download... I want the physical cd as a collector item... because I love Jason Castro's music... this guy is the Jim Croce of our generation!
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Thank you, Dan. This was exactly the information I was looking for. Will the 14 song hard copy cd ever be available in any store?
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Thanks for the clarification, Dan.
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Well I'm still confused but I'm just going to wait until the release date and look at all of the options and the cost. If something seems reasonable, I'll definitely purchase because I've been waiting forever for this and I do still want to support Jason. But I'm not paying $30 for the CD - that's just crazy talk! Thank you for clarifying everything as much as possible.
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THanks Dan. It is all so confusing. I am sorry that I will not be able to buy the 14 song cd in the stores as I had hoped I could for friends etc. I am glad I pre-ordered the right bundle.
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Oh man I'm so tickled that the 14-track version will be available through itunes; it seems like lately that is where I have been getting a lot of my music from. YAYEE!! =-)) I also thankyou Dan for taking the time out to help. :-)
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Thanks, Dan. It appeared that the two options for a 14-song version from Amazon are either a digital version or a physical version with fan club membership, so I apologize for misunderstanding.
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Thanks for taking the time to spell all that out, Dan.
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hey Amy, you'll be able to purchase the 14 song CD from Amazon as well. The versions in Jason's webstore just come with more.
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Sounds like there's an option for everyone. FYI--Amazon is not showing the precise versions you've listed at the current time. Someone needs to get on that. :)
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So essentially, if we want the actual physical CD with all 14 songs on it, we have to pay $30? (For the "Standard Bundle Pre-Order"; this is without knowing how much the Amazon price will be with the Fan Club membership). I just don't understand the logistics behind this marketing. I know marketing is all about making more money (duh), BUT this is leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth that those of us who prefer actual physical CDs with the liner notes, packaging, etc. are getting screwed over because the only option we have is the more expensive packages. Why??